Our Story

We understand that gardening needs to move forward, both in the tools we use, the audiences we speak to and way we connect with gardeners young and old.

Since our founding in 2018, Botaniworld, LLC has been a leading voice in the consumer gardening and horticulture markets. Not only are we transforming the industry as a producer of unique, innovative gardening products, we’re also educating future gardeners with our critically acclaimed Garden Tutor introductory gardening course.

Botaniworld, located in Framingham, MA, operates a wholly owned independent UK-based subsidiary, Botaniworld, LTD.

Our Mission

The art of gardening is more than simply helping things grow. It’s about bringing life and beauty into this world. Beautiful bushels of bright color. Nourishing fruits and vegetables. The greenery that feeds the world around us and brings life to the space we inhabit. We’ve made bringing this life to the world our mission.

From innovative products that make work easy. To our free courses on how to better understand the science behind how things grow. Our mission is to make the world a little greener, one yard, one pot, one plant at a time.

About our founder

My name is Angus Junkin, and I founded Botaniworld, LLC in 2018 to share my love of gardening with others and to develop transformational products that empower new and seasoned gardeners alike. It’s been a labor of love, but if you’re a gardener, you understand what that’s like.

In 2019, we launched gardentutor.com as a free learn-how-to-garden course open to anyone. In this same year, we began marketing Garden Tutor branded products for soil testing and garden design along with a unique, bio-based fertilizer called Dirtilizer that helps gardeners feed their plants and build their soil.

But that wasn’t all we did in 2019. That was also the year that we initiated development of our revolutionary garden hand tool called SoilWand. After extensive research, development, testing and numerous refinements, we are proud to introduce SoilWand in 2023 to avid gardeners, trail-builders and anyone looking for a compact, configurable, lightweight and super-strong hand-tool for working in the dirt.

Botaniworld continues to move forward, and we look forward to sowing real change in our industry.