Garden Tutor®

At Garden Tutor, we create unique, effective, and practical tools that help gardeners thrive. From our award-winning Garden Tutor course to our Garden Tutor soil testing and landscape design products. Garden Tutor is a pioneering brand that combines innovative products with in-depth how-to garden information.

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The first dual-action biobased fertilizer and soil conditioner that feeds plants and conditions your soil using an ultra-premium blend of sustainably sourced ingredients.



Transform your gardening ground game with SoilWand – the compact, super-strong garden hand tool designed to make weeding, cultivation, and improving soil health effortless and enjoyable. Crafted with lightweight yet durable materials, SoilWand delivers the power and leverage of heavy-duty tools in a versatile and configurable design that adapts to your every need. So say goodbye to back-breaking work and hello to efficient and enjoyable gardening with SoilWand – the ultimate tool for working in the dirt!

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